Our commitment to a Wellbeing Economy – Cari Wellbeing Consultations are free forever

Now is the time to “Build Back Better”

How we can respond to the change and create the new normal we all truly want?

Now is the time for us all to take stock and decide how we want the world to be. Are we really prepared to go back to the old ways? And is it even possible? The world is ready for change, and that means social justice and sustainability must be at the top of our agenda. 

The danger we face is turning inward, and allowing a culture of fear and threat to pervade. We have discovered that life can go on, without many of the things we considered ‘essential’, and we’ve discovered that there are some things we truly need, and they don’t cost anything – social contact, meaningful work, time with families. 

Since the beginning of the lockdown we have wanted to provide support for key workers – but it has become clear that it isn’t enough. If we are going to be a part of a better normal, we need to Build Back Better, and that means we need to build our entire economy on Wellbeing. 

David Cameron started this conversation, but it was blown out of the water by Brexit. It was a shame that instead of building wellbeing we ended creating division and fear, making austerity an even bigger threat with more uncertainty thrown in.

We know that the mental health of the nation is a major concern, and our research published in February 2020 shows that 46% of public sector workers are struggling with their mental health; generally operating at a low or reduced ‘reactive level of wellbeing’. 

Imagine what will happen to these people if we don’t consider social isolation and the impact of the trauma, stress and ‘pain’ that COVID-19 can literally and physically inflict upon the brain….

And that figure doesn’t include all the people that have now been hit for the first time with mental wellbeing issues as a result of these extraordinary times. Fear and personal safety are extra big factors now.

We need to commit to a Wellbeing Economy

We know that this impacts on performance. What we need now is some certainty. We need to commit to a wellbeing economy, where we measure what really matters, as opposed to abstract things like Gross Domestic Product. Joseph Stiglitz, the ex-chief economist of the World Bank says GDP doesn’t measure the things that matter! *

“So we’ve decided to change everything. To give more. Forever. So public and private organisations can provide meaningful mental wellbeing support to their people for the long term. We are going to Build Back Better – starting with ourselves.

Cari Wellbeing Consultations and Personalised Support Plans are now free of charge forever.

From our perspective, a Wellbeing Economy works hand in hand with the Gift Economy – paying it forward, giving away ‘free of charge’ the work we have been doing to create Cari over the last 30 years.  By building our own, personal resilience as business leaders we can build the resilience of our teams, and this is an essential first step; because we cannot be creative in designing the new ways forward from a place of fear and threat. 

We all know this intrinsically – we know that trying to solve problems when we are stressed, make decisions under duress, and expectations to be creative under pressure rarely yield the best results – if they yield any results at all.

The challenges of having wellbeing at the heart of your organisation

Putting wellbeing at the heart of your business is vital, but it is very difficult to do this practically when you are struggling with all the other knotty issues of cashflow, business diversification, customer retention and more. 

The same is true for the public sector; how can you put wellbeing at the heart of everything you do, when you are under immense pressure financially, the costs being as yet unknown, and we have been told many times that there is no bottomless pit of resources.

Our commitment to a Wellbeing Economy

For this reason we want to offer some certainty – especially around wellbeing support – and that is why Cari is free of charge for you and your people forever.

Cari is an AI-enabled Wellbeing Super Assistant providing confidential online wellbeing consultations and personalised support plans (more detail below).

Based on an optimal mix of psychology, neuroscience and AI, Cari is one of a kind and the culmination of 25 years of rigorous scientific research. Offering many features and benefits, Cari is super effective and highly efficient in the care she gives. She connects you to the right person, at the right time.

So with Cari on your team, there is no more worrying about budgets or changes of direction or cost cutting. Cari is there for you, come what may.

She can help everyone straight away. She never gets tired. And she can keep helping them as often as needed in real-time.

Our mission at Wellbeing with Cari is to champion global wellbeing. And what better way for us to achieve this than through our unique AI enabled personalised surveys that use intelligent, unbiased algorithms to ethically analyse mental health and provide a feel-good boost at the point of need.

We aim to bring joy for life and to bring happiness into the workplace, building positive relationships because we know that this is part and parcel of enhanced performance; and enhanced performance makes us feel good about ourselves. It is a virtuous cycle. 

We have the means to help you to create the changes you really want to see, the business difference you truly want, it would be churlish in the extreme NOT to give that away. It would be unethical to hold onto something that can, and has, changed people’s lives for the better, and guard it jealously. This is not Building Back Better. 

To Build Back Better is to collaborate more, to listen more, to share more, to benefit everyone more.This is enlightened self-interest for us because  we know that if we are fair to you, you will be fair to us. 

But someone has to get the ball rolling, and it makes sense that we do this, using our years of experience and development. It’s quite simply the right thing to do, and the reason I developed Cari in the first place!

How Cari helps you have wellbeing at the centre of your organisation

By Cari joining your team as a scientifically proven, AI-enabled Wellbeing Super Assistant, she can help you to really boost your wellbeing and resilient culture programmes forward.

  • After Cari has asked questions in a confidential, online consultation, she provides you with a personal support plan. 
  • Cari can read the most subtle of nuances in your responses and see behind a brace face (in a way that even a human can’t). So her report gives you an understanding of your real-time emotional and psychological state, (including recommendations about when you should seek additional 1-2-1 coaching support). 
  • Plus she advises on specific  BEND recommendations that are right for you – these are 2 minute movements that are scientifically proven to produce the necessary chemistry in the brain to make you feel immediately better. 

Ultimately Cari is helping everyone increase their happiness and performance.

We can help you to promptly set up Cari. Then all you have to do to get started is send out a link to all your people. 

To give even more help to individual team members and organisation leaders, we are giving an extra package of products and services free of charge for up to 4 months. 

For example, Cari’s support plans will include:

  • A 21 Day Happiness Plan as a special added extra. There are specific tailored versions for key workers, those in isolation and people returning to work.
  • A direct connection to inspiring and practical workshops or one to one coaching support provided by neuroscience qualified practitioners
  • Signposts to your existing wellbeing initiatives and any other additional support necessary.
  • And we’ll provide you with a detailed review too. So you can really analyse the benefits your people and organisation gained from collaborating with Cari. 

Councils and schools are already taking advantage of this and we’d love to help your business/organisation too. Find out more at …….

I feel I am blessed to have a happy life full of wonderful friends, colleagues and family. I want to do everything I can to help you feel positively energised and happy too. 

Interesting references for more reading about the Wellbeing Economy and the importance of wellbeing globally:

By Maria Paviour – Founder of Cari – Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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